Ancien regime...incoming future (suggestions about civil law codification and regarding landscape and cultural heritage)

Valerio Visco


The goal of this short communication is to analyse, through the vicissitudes experienced by our Civil Code during the last years because of the springing up of the regulations strictly connected to it, and of its relevant set of erudite and jurisdictional interpretations, and the risks that a codicillary compilation can run of, in case the lawmaker does not follow the guidelines got by the age-old jurisdictional science experience. The above-said analyse, besides underlining a general problem, aims at expressing a warning and a call for protection about the more sectorial field of the Landscape and Cultural Heritage legislation, according to the nomenclature adopted by the Civil Code issued through the Legislative Decree N. 42, dated on January 22nd, 2004.

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1973-9494/482


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