Saint Lucia's worship by fishermans and sailors in Trapani between 16th and 17th centuries


  • Michele Giacalone



This work is focused on the identification of the whole body of a stony epigraphic and figure document, belonging to the town of Trapani. Up to know this document, of the XVII century, has been considered preserved only partly, and for what regards the prominent remaining part, that was the figure part, it was known only thanks to an Eighteenth century transcription endowed with a drawing. On the one hand, regarding the figure plaque, it is shown the monumental complex which it belongs to i.e. the Church of Santa Lucia in Trapani, today fallen into disuse, in relation to the historical evolution of the urban area of Trapani; on the other hand, it is highlightened its historical-social and historical-religious importance, since it expresses the devotions of the fishermen and seamen social classes of Trapani, who asked this document as memorial of a very lucky coral fishing. The epigraphic and figure text allows to read the most deep-rooted faith trends into some definite social classes of the society of the Trapani society, from the end of the Medieval Age till now. This document can be considered as an extraordinary nautical chart about the whole coast of Trapani, as it equipped with correct indicationsabout distances and paths, and geomorphologic and toponymic exact indications.


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Giacalone, M. (2006). Saint Lucia’s worship by fishermans and sailors in Trapani between 16th and 17th centuries. Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage, 6(1), 157–186.