An acoustical survey about the Sanctuary of Altavilla Milicia (Palermo)


  • Salvatore Barbaro
  • Rosario Caracausi
  • Rosa Maria Chisesi
  • Gaetano Cognata
  • Giuseppe Genualdi
  • Salvatore Lorusso
  • Angela Mazzè
  • Daniele Milione



This study aims at using the science and the technique, known nowadays, at the service of the Liturgy and of the holy architecture. In addition to this, its second goal is to investigate completely, on some general acoustic aspects that can be founded inside liturgical rooms, without overlooking the historical-architectural aspects regarding the difference "kinds" of manufactures and materials in relation to the specific liturgical needs. According to this, an interesting simulation of sound diffusion inside the Sanctuario of Altavilla Milicia, defined by the Cardinal S. De Giorgi "the first and most notorious Marian place of veneration belonging to the Church of Palermo", was performed. By means of this simulation, the acoustic parameters of the ecclesial room were taken, in compliance to the standards UNI EN ISO 3382/1997 (Measurements of enclosed environments Reverberation Time with reference to other acoustic parameters).


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Barbaro, S., Caracausi, R., Chisesi, R. M., Cognata, G., Genualdi, G., Lorusso, S., Mazzè, A., & Milione, D. (2006). An acoustical survey about the Sanctuary of Altavilla Milicia (Palermo). Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage, 6(1), 71–101.