The Synergy Between Human Sciences and Experimental Sciences for the Protection and Valorization of Cultural and Environmental Heritage: Salvatore Lorusso’s Activity in Education and Research

Salvatore Lorusso, Andrea Natali


Interdisciplinarity and internationalization in the field of cultural and environmental heritage represent two fundamental concepts and objectives in the field of academic training and research. These are the concepts and objectives achieved in the forty years of activity of Salvatore Lorusso and represent the culmination of his long experience, which has been directed at creating a synergy between the human sciences and experimental sciences for the protection and enhancement of cultural and environmental heritage. In this paper, as well as providing a brief summary of this activity, emphasis is placed on how courage, perseverance and creativity have led to the current assertion to ‘build networks’ between stakeholders and players, so that the equation “habitus e habitat” from theory has become reality.


interdisciplinarity; internationalization; training; research; creativity

DOI: 10.6092/issn.1973-9494/9949


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