Interdisciplinary Studies in Cultural and Environmental Heritage: History, Protection, Valorization, Management

Salvatore Lorusso, Angela Mari Braida, Andrea Natali


An overview of the various and numerous themes relating to cultural and environ­mental heritage gathered together in one article represents, at an international level, a rare peculiarity. As a result of the research and teaching activities carried out over the decades at the Universities of Rome, Tuscia (Viterbo) and Bologna, integrated with the fundamental relationship and involvement of the Cultural and Productive Units scattered throughout the territory, I was led to synthetically describing, insofar as was possible, the different problems that involve the various scientific areas of a historical, technical, economic, managerial nature, within the context of interdisciplinarity and in respect of the holistic value of cultural heritage.


interdisciplinary; cultural heritage; protection; valorization; management

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1973-9494/9234


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