Historical Single-Use Heritage Assets: A Treasure to be Catalogued and Preserved

Andrea Natali, Maria Letizia De Luca, Roberta D'Orazi


Special-purpose historical assets are those built in the twentieth century, in certain environmental, social, industrial, economic, infrastructural contexts, which carried out a single function. This unique function determined the dimensions, partitions, accesses and, in short, the very particular and specific characteristics that excluded their reuse. Having lost their usefulness, they are destined in the space of a few years to disap­pear, to be demolished, their past lost without leaving any memory or mark, because they are not protected by current legislation.

The proposed cataloging and conservation of these structures is aimed at focus­ing attention on the afore-mentioned historical assets and protecting these significant testimonies not only from an architectural perspective but also from that of the history of work, popular culture and social aggregation.


architecture; landscape; conservation; valorization; cataloging

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1973-9494/9232


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