Use and Efficacy of Thermography for Stratigraphic Analysis of Historical Buildings

Cesare Crova, Francesco Miraglia


The use of thermography made it possible to investigate an ancient church viewed from a historical perspective, in order to learn more about its construction characteris­tics. This non-destructive diagnostic technique enabled a stratigraphic investigation of the structures in elevation to be conducted, resulting in the acquisition of new informa­tion and confirming the validity of its use in this complex field of application.

This initial phase of knowledge acquisition provided an opportunity to propose a line of study to be conducted through the application of various instruments and tech­niques, starting with thermography, in accordance with a rational order. Instrumental results of the investigations as they are carried out, might suggest the location of points in which to continue with subsequent investigations, while at the same time defining appropriate guidelines in assessing the results.


thermography; historical buildings; stratigraphic analysis; restoration

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1973-9494/9231


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