Specifying the Significance of Historic Sites in Heritage Planning


  • Ahmadreza Shirvani Dastgerdi University of Florence
  • Giuseppe De Luca University of Florence




heritage planning, preservation, historic urban landscape, sustainable development


Heritage planning is the preservation, conservation, rehabilitation, restoration and management of heritage resources. This paper aims to propose an approach for specifying the values and importance of historic sites. In this study, the Historic Ur­ban Landscape approach is taken as the research framework. This approach mo­ves beyond the preservation of the physical environment and focuses on the entire human environment with all its tangible and intangible qualities. It seeks to increa­se the sustainability of planning and design interventions by taking into account the existing built environment, intangible heritage, cultural diversity, socio-economic and environmental factors along with local community values. This study indicates that a values-centered planning approach has emerged as a way of formalizing strategies for dealing with preservation challenges. The importance of values-centered preserva­tion is the framework it offers for dealing holistically with historic sites and addressing both the contemporary and historic values of a place, a task which includes a report comprising written material and graphic material. The contents of the report should be arranged to suit the site and the limitations on the task, but it will generally be in two sections: first, the assessment of cultural significance and second, the statement of cultural significance. Therefore, determining the significance of historic places is to be considered as the basis for planning and implementing management strategies and sustainable development. Furthermore, heritage planning needs a progression that goes from identification, to evaluation, to management and together form a basis for preservation policies.




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Shirvani Dastgerdi, A., & De Luca, G. (2018). Specifying the Significance of Historic Sites in Heritage Planning. Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage, 18(1), 29–39. https://doi.org/10.6092/issn.1973-9494/9225