The Protection and Valorization of Cultural and Environmental Heritage in the Development Process of the Territory

Salvatore Lorusso, Giampaolo Maria Cogo, Andrea Natali


As is well-known, art and science are two ways of presenting the history of the world, not two subjects in contrast with each other. Art, in other words cultural and landscape heritage, rightly considering as such also the environment, is linked to the history of man. Related to this, are the various artistic expressions and, therefore, the various generational movements with their related social events and problems from the past to the present, which are linked to each other temporally. It is true that “Nature does not support the human footprint”: this is what the World Wide Fund for Nature highlights in describing the great imbalance that exists due to the consequent irreversible damage that occurs with the passing of time. In the processes directed at the possible reacquisition of the compatibilities to protect nature, life conditions and the historical-artistic heritage, some case studies are reported that have been carried out over the years. The research concerned the protection and valorization of the “system: artifact of historical-artistic interest-conservation environment-biota” and dealt with the following problems: atmospheric pollution, degradation of monuments and historical-artistic environments – protection and consequent benefits; conservation and monitoring in confined environments.


protection; valorization; cultural heritage; environmental heritage


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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1973-9494/7165


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