The Origins of Art

Aleksandre P. Lobodanov


The origins of artistic activities or rather art, and in recent decades the processing and consolidation of a new field in art history, art semiotics, are grouped together in the semiotic systems of applied and non-applied arts.

In this paper, in particular, an analysis is made of the non-applied arts, in which non-verbal signs are used to express the form of human thought.

The discussion focuses on the origins of non-applied arts, the image-forming process, the psychology of perception, the perception of sound and reproduction of sounds, the development of music and the development of dance in their entirety, as an expression of the inner condition that influences the body through movement: it thus provides a valuable contribution to the study of the non-applied arts.


Semiotics; art semiotics; applied arts; non-applied arts

DOI: 10.6092/issn.1973-9494/6157


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