Again on the relation between rails and archaeological and architectural heritage

Francesco Mauro


There is a brief description of the unique relation between the railway system, whose main actor is Ferrovie dello Stato (Italian State Railways) and the cultural and archaeological heritage on the national territory. That relation dates back to the period during which the railway was introduced in Italy, before the unification of Italy. As the country developed that relationship became more intense and it started to play a key role during the works for the High Speed/High Capacity (AV/AC) lines. Those works were fundamental as they led to findings and helped the conservation and promotion of important archaeological findings, that was something really innovative. In conclusion it is advisable to reflect upon this in order to find, after positive experiences, one more serious line of action for Ferrovie dello Stato for the safeguard and the use of artistic, architectonic and archaeological heritage placed along the railways.

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1973-9494/581


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