The Italian architects in Moscow in the XV-XVI centuries


  • Ekaterina Karpova Fasce



At the end of the XV century and at the beginning of the XVI century one of the most powerful strongholds in Europe, the Kremlin, was built in Moscow. This building was made thanks to the engineering, architectonic and mechanical genius of the Italian masters who had come to Russia by request of the Great Prince Ivan the Third. The Italian architects were able to combine the Russian architectural style with the style of the Italian Renaissance, applying the new technologies and using state-of-the-art tools. This article deals with the all the works carried out by the Italian masters in the area of Moscow and with the building techniques that they introduced in the Russian capital.

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Karpova Fasce, E. (2004). The Italian architects in Moscow in the XV-XVI centuries. Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage, 4(1), 157–181.