Characterization of materials and alteration-degradation products of the Blessed Virgin Rosary altar in the Saint Dominic church in Ravenna: preliminary study for the restoration interventions

Cesare Fiori, Salvatore Lorusso


The construction of the Blessed Virgin Rosary altar in the Saint Dominic church (13th century) in Ravenna occurred between 1723 and 1770. All the portions of the church are interested by intense degradation phenomena and, in particular, the altar preservation condition is worrying. The whole surface is covered by spots and deposits of various nature, efflorescences, swellings, detachments and lacunae. The main cause of damage is the humidity capillary climb. In a preliminary investigation, surveys and observations have been made in order to describe the materials and to evaluate the preservation condition. Then, the areas for sampling have been chosen for analyses and stratigraphies. The present work concerns the altar materials characterisation and the alteration – degradation products analyses: this is essential to plan the restoration interventions.

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1973-9494/559


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