DARC – The direction of contemporaneity

Pio Baldi


The DARC – General Direction for the Contemporary Art and Architecture – was born in May 2001 from the basic consideration that Italy, site of very refined civilisations and perhaps because it gave life in the past centuries to many of the figurative expressions of the western culture, is now neglecting the creative expressions of the present . Some years ago, we matured the conviction that it was necessary not only to safeguard but also to promote the today’s expressions of the contemporary art and architecture for which high interest and widespread attention were unimaginable. The aim of DARC is to constitute an edge, to give support and promotion to the whole system in order to favour its knowledge and diffusion in Italy and abroad. Today, one of the most important objectives of DARC is the realisation of the National Museum of Arts of the 21st century – the MAXXI.

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1973-9494/512


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