Activity of the CIRIAS as regards energy and environment




CIRIAS an interdisciplinary research facility – theoretical and applied – of the University of Palermo, offening its services to the territory, proposes to conduct studies and research, teach highly technical and scientific skills, develop seminars and conferences, and manage databanks in collaboration with public or private institutions. Currently adhering to the Centre are scholars covering various areas of specialization (Economics, Engineering, Agriculture, Psychology). Through its specialists it is therefore able to develop and validate complex systems of industrial automation, industrial robotics, underwater robotics and, socio-economic systems that govern not only industrial production but also the sector of transport, telecommunications and environmental pollution; to carry out studies on predictive models related to the area, activities related to the new economy and tourism or other activities that the development of science and technology offer; to carry out training and consultancy in the field of automation for companies that operate in the territory.


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Barbaro, S., & Raimondi, T. (2009). Activity of the CIRIAS as regards energy and environment. Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage, 9(1), 215–229.