Interdisciplinarity, Ethics and Territorial Planning


  • Salvatore Lorusso Foreign Member Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Lucio Colizzi Computer Science Department, University of Bari ALDO MORO, Italy



interdisciplinarity, sustainability, planning, territorial development


Representing a phenomenon of social aggregation, the settlements of the rock civilization of Fasano and Monopoli in Brindisi, Italy and their recovery, is one of the objectives pursued by the technical-scientific committee of the San Domenico Foundation, which involves experts at national and international level. This paper, presented at the 8th International Conference, intends to highlight how art, as a testimony of these settlements in the area of this rock civilization, is not attributable only to beauty, but also to ethics, and as such, is synonymous with identity. This leads to concepts and meanings deriving from interdisciplinarity, sustainability, planning, territorial development, as well as the need to train a specialized and multi-faceted professional figure who is qualified to operate in the field of the protection and valorisation of the past, in order to be able to competently pass it on through to the future



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Lorusso, S., & Colizzi, L. (2020). Interdisciplinarity, Ethics and Territorial Planning. Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage, 20(1), 33–48.