3D visualization and virtual reality for cultural heritage diagnostic

Lucio Colizzi, Fabio De Pascalis, Francesco Fassi


In the past years, many different new technologies for Cultural Heritage Diagnostic have been developed. In particular laser scanner surveys with digital photogrammetry and also multi-spectral surveys are becoming very useful and inalienable tools for non invasive diagnosis. In the SIDART Project (Integrated System for Cultural Heritage diagnosis), we develop a software able to visualize and elaborate triangulated surfaces coming from high resolution laser scanner survey. In this paper, we want to present the most innovative aspect of our study, that is the possibility to visualize and work in default mode or in immersive Stereoscopy (3D mode). This lets the operator perceive the third dimension and the “virtual investigation” of the object becomes more realistic. This lets us take into consideration in a more simple, natural and correct way and also reduce the possibility to make wrong evaluation due to the false prospective of the classic visualization.

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1973-9494/1228


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